Ninebot mini pro (Black)

3,000AED 2,000AED

This amazing robot automatically keeps you balanced and reads your movements. Want to go forward? Just lean forward! The high-performance, cutting-edge controlalgorithm works in tandem with various sensors and advanced processors formaximum flexibility and ease of use. Mini Pro can cope easily with all normal road conditions, and will take you 30 km on a journey of fun. Go wherever you, want whenever you want. Explore the wonder of Mini Pro. Let’s look for the next fast, fun ride!

Product Highlights

  • Equipped with an automatic headlight and LED tail-lights
  • Front headlight illuminates the way ahead, adjust the brightness by up to five meters
  • Customize the taillight color with a choice of up to 16 million colors
  • Mini Pro’s light scheme is designed to be safe and good-looking
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